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Teksten på plakaten:
In the grand tapestry of existence, life unfolds as an infinite constellation of pathways, a celestial dance of choices and chances.
Each step, a delicate waltz in the ballroom of being, leads us through the labyrinth of countless directions, countless possibilities.
Here, in this vast expanse of potentiality, our souls, like intrepid explorers, navigate the uncharted waters of existence.
This endless ocean of options whispers of freedom, a siren song of self-determination, where every crossroad is a verse in the epic poem of life.
In this realm, we are both the poet and the poem, crafting our narrative with the quill of decision, each choice a stanza in the unfolding story of our being.
In this celestial waltz of existence, where paths diverge and converge in the silent music of the cosmos, souls seek and yearn for greater meaning. Amidst the tapestry of infinite choices, a quest unfolds, deeper than the mere journey through the stars of possibility.
It is a quest for understanding, for a connection that transcends the self, reaching into the heart of all being.
In the gentle embrace of empathy, our spirits soar, touching the essence of others, weaving a bond of shared humanity.
This empathy, a golden thread in the fabric of life, binds us in a silent pact of compassion and care. It is in these moments,
with heart speaking to heart, that the greater meaning unveils itself - not as a distant star to be reached, but as a light within,
guiding us to see the world through the eyes of another. With each act of kindness, each gesture of understanding,
we paint the universe with the colors of altruism. In this act, the self transcends, finding its true purpose in the service of others,
in the quiet heroism of care. Herein lies the greater meaning, a beacon in the vastness of life,
shining brightly in the acts of empathy and compassion, illuminating our shared journey through the endless sky of existence.

Kunst og living, der giver mening.
Med vores mindfullness serie har vi et håb om at kunne bidrage, ikke kun med flot udsmykning til dit hjem, men samtidig også minde dig om hvor du gerne vil lægge dit fokus i hverdagene. Vi er alle skydeskive for talrige inputs dagligt og det er derfor ekstra vigtigt at blive bevidste omkring vores tanker og hvad vi vælger at fokusere på. Vi håber, at serien kan være en støtte i udfoldelsen af dine menneskelige kvaliteter.

-Printet på 220g miljøvenlig mat fotopapir.
-Designet af ChiCura Copenhagen.
-Ramme ikke inkluderet.

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