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The text on the poster:
Acceptance, in a philosophical context, is a profound and often challenging concept that delves into the heart of human experience.
It represents a harmonious alignment with the realities of life, transcending mere resignation to fate.
Acceptance is not a passive surrender but an active embrace of the world as it is, not as we wish it to be.
This concept invites us to confront the impermanence and imperfection inherent in existence, urging us to relinquish the illusion of control.
It teaches us to find peace not in changing the world but in adjusting our perspective, in recognizing the limits of our power
and the boundlessness of our capacity for adaptation and resilience. In the numerical maze of our thoughts, acceptance is the zero point,
grounding us in the present amidst infinite possibilities. It's where the mind's endless wanderings find stillness.
Philosophically, acceptance is a key to unlocking inner tranquility in a world of constant change.
It is about acknowledging the ebb and flow of joy and sorrow, gain and loss, and understanding that these opposites are not adversaries
but partners in the dance of life. This realization fosters a deeper connection to the self and others, cultivating empathy and compassion.
In essence, acceptance is a journey towards self-awareness and wisdom. It is about finding strength in vulnerability, courage in letting go,
and profound freedom in the heart of life's inevitable uncertainties. It is a quiet yet powerful act of recognizing that while we cannot control the storm, we can learn to sail our ship.

Art and living that makes sense.
With our mindfulness series, we hope to contribute not only with beautiful decorations for your home, but also to remind you where you want to put your focus in everyday life. We are all exposed to numerous inputs on a daily basis and it is therefore extra important to be aware of our thoughts and what we choose to focus on. We hope that the series can support you in unfolding your human qualities.

Printed on 220g eco-friendly matte photo paper.
-Designed by ChiCura Copenhagen.
-Frame not included.

DimensionsSize : 100 x 140 cm


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Acceptance Sale price1.195,00 DKK