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The text on the poster:
1. Onstage, a ballerina glides, With grace and poise that time defies.
Her tutu billows in the breeze, As she moves with breathtaking ease.

2. Her movements light, her steps so true, She lifts our spirits, through and through.
Her artistry, a thing of wonder, A dreamy spell, she does conjure.

3. She symbolizes so much more, Than pirouettes and grand jetés galore.
She shows us how to persevere, Through struggle, doubt, and pain and fear.

4. She reminds us to follow our dreams, To dance with life, however it seems.
To find beauty in each day, To keep on dancing, come what may.

5. So let the ballerina be our guide, As we dance through life with pride.
With each step, let our hearts take flight, And soar to new and wondrous heights.

Art and living that makes sense.
With our mindfulness series, we hope to contribute not only with beautiful decorations for your home, but also to remind you where you want to put your focus in everyday life. We are all exposed to numerous inputs on a daily basis and it is therefore extra important to be aware of our thoughts and what we choose to focus on. We hope that the series can be a support in unfolding your human qualities.

- Poster.
- Printed on 220g eco-friendly matte photo paper.
- Designed by ChiCura Copenhagen.
- Frame not included.

DimensionsSize : 50 x 70 cm


Ballerina - ChiCura Copenhagen DK -
Ballerina Sale price395,00 DKK