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Magnetic Dots Oak (2 pcs.)

Sale price269,00 DKK

A design product with multiple functions. Use Magnetic Dots as a creative and beautiful alternative to a bulletin board or as a replacement for the traditional frame for your posters and other artworks. Endless possibilities include children's drawings, invitations, tea towels, bills, posters, cards, necklaces/bracelets, etc.

These small, round wooden dots feature magnets on the back, allowing them to be securely attached to a metal plate mounted on the wall. 

Say goodbye to traditional frames and embrace a new way of showcasing posters, art cards and children’s drawings, etc.

Not only does the Magnet Dot provide a practical solution for displaying artwork, it also adds a touch of creativity and aesthetic appeal to your home decor.

The Magnet Dot offers endless possibilities.

Experiment with different arrangements and compositions to curate a personalized and ever-evolving art display.

Swap out artworks effortlessly and let your creativity run wild.

- Material: Oak and Metal.
- Strong magnets.
- Danish Design. 
- Designed by Charlotte Harbo Lavian.
- Dimensions: 4 x 4 cm.


ChiCura Living, Art & Frames Magnetic Dots Egetræ (2 stk.) Frames / Magnetic Oak / Brass
Magnetic Dots Oak (2 pcs.) Sale price269,00 DKK